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I Will Never Forget

When I look back on my life Ian was always there.  I don’t remember a time when I did not know him.  Growing up in a small town gives you that benefit I suppose.  Life has been completely altered by knowing that he won’t be calling eventually from a scratchy satellite phone or that I won’t be getting one of his famous 2 liner e-mails.  Ian and I went to school together all the way through high school.  I was in the class above him and we hung out every now and then with mutual friends (later we confessed that during high school I thought he was annoying and he thought I was a rude snob).We began working at the same place during high school and eventually started going to parties together or just hanging out as friends.  We were forever trying to play matchmaker for each other which was ironic.  Time went by and relationships in our lives came … Continue Reading

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Until the Minute…
I never thought in January of 2013 I would be where I am today. Its hard to know where to begin, but I guess how we met is a good place! In January of 2013,… Continue Reading
Remembering Michael
With the 23rd anniversary of my husband’s death coming up, I wanted to submit a poem I wrote today in his memory:   It feels like only yesterday I heard the news I remember so… Continue Reading
Last Goodbye
I was just turned 21, had been “of age” for about three weeks. It was June 22, 1972. It had been raining, raining..there was a hurricane off the East Coast somewhere, and I remember hearing… Continue Reading
By the minutes
My name is Tiffany Sweeney. My beloved Marine, husband, father, son and friend Joseph Patrick Sweeney left his time on earth to be with GOD on 12/17/2013 by HIS choosing he was 37. 11.25.1976-12.17.2013 RIP… Continue Reading
You’re My Hero
When duty called, away you went; off to Saudi you were sent – to defend our Country’s rights; in the name of America you would fight. President Bush set the date for the liberation of… Continue Reading
Tyler and I got to know each other sitting in the stands at Navy boot camp in 2002, while the performers practiced. We were non-performers in a performing division. We were supposed to be studying… Continue Reading
No matter how much time goes by….
I have always thought that I would get around to writing my story. And now that it’s been 6 years it’s time. I’ve always started and stopped at the same time….I could never find the… Continue Reading
Unconditional Love… is Kevin’s Love for Me
He saved my life… Now, its my turn to save his. I met Kevin when I first moved to Las Vegas 3 years ago. He was the maintenance supervisor of the apartment complex that I… Continue Reading
To my Paul… Forever Young
I will never forget the first time I heard his voice. I just changed high schools within my city. I was new I did not know anyone. I just remember watching him and I knew… Continue Reading
I never thought I’d be a widow…
I first met my husband the day before my 13th birthday in 1998. He was 15. We dated off and on for years, as we both had troubled teenage years and bounced back and forth… Continue Reading