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Empowering military widows to heal and rebuild their lives through connection, community, and growth.

Since 2001, over 7,075 U.S. service members have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and another 30,177 have lost their battle to suicide post 9/11.

In the last two decades, more than 7,000 U.S. service members have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sadly, this number is only a fraction of the many more lives lost at home to a sudden illness, accident, homicide, or to battles with PTSD or depression. Often, even as these lives end, the surviving military widows find themselves at the beginning of a journey they never signed up for. 

Whether it’s a young spouse hearing the dreaded knock on the door from a pair in uniform or the last chapter of a drawn-out illness, the result is the same: a grieving military widow left to pick up the pieces. In a society that acknowledges and celebrates service members’ sacrifice, the sacrifice of military widows often isn’t considered, and this lack of understanding leaves them with invisible, untended wounds. 

The American Widow Project recognizes and honors the sacrifices families of our fallen make and believes that no military widow should feel alone in their grief. Every grieving spouse deserves the opportunity to help rebuild their life, at any age and stage of loss. Grief is not linear, and without support and healing, it can linger indefinitely. That’s why the American Widow Project exists: to provide a platform for military widows to heal together and find support and hope for a brighter future.

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