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Taryn was living the “normal” life.

When CPL Michael Davis was killed by multiple roadside bombs on May 21, 2007, Taryn Davis’s life changed forever. Lost, alone, and navigating the grief of losing her soulmate along with the future she’d dreamed of, she embarked on a journey as a military widow. Traveling the country, she listened to other widow’s stories of love, tragedy, and their paths forward. What began as a personal journey expanded into a national non-profit organization, a documentary film, and a network of healing reaching thousands: the American Widow Project.

Inspired by the willpower and strength of the many others “in her shoes”, she has discovered that true love is eternal, that the lessons her husband shared still run through her veins, the heart can heal, and that she is not alone. As her own personal journey—and the world’s— has evolved and unfolded, the AWP has evolved with it. Moving away from in-person course-based programming, the organization is shifting to a more virtual format that allows military widows worldwide to experience the magic of connection, empowerment, and service.

For her work with the AWP, Taryn has been honored as a Top 10 CNN Hero, L’Oreal’s National Women of Worth, Newsweek’s 150 Women Shaking the World, DVF People’s Voice Recipient, Glamour Magazine’s 30 Under 30, VH1’s Do Something Award and more. She has also been blessed with the opportunity to share her journey on platforms such as: GE, Forbes, TED, Chicago Ideas Week, and more.

Taryn Davis

Founder/Executive Director

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