AWP Founder Named One of Glamour Magazine’s 21 Amazing Young Women of 2011

Meet Our 21 Amazing Young Women of 2011

To celebrate the twenty–first anniversary of Women of the Year, Glamour’s November 7 ceremony will recognize 21 young women who are already making a huge difference in the world. Among them are this year’s two Readers’ Choice winners, who thousands of YOU voted for. Let’s meet them all!

BRIANNA AMAT, 17: The first girl to play on her Michigan high school’s varsity football team, she was also the homecoming queen—and scored that game’s winning field goal.

KATHERINE BOMKAMP, 19: She invented and patented a prosthetic device that could eliminate phantom–limb pain in amputees.

SHREE BOSE, 17: Her groundbreaking research to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy used for ovarian cancer earned her the grand prize in Google’s first Global Science Fair.

CATHERINE COOK, 22: She cofounded the social network, which is used by more than 32 million young people.

TARYN GUERRERO DAVIS, 25: After her soldier–husband died in combat in Iraq, she created the American Widow Project, which provides support for 3,000 other U.S. military widows.

The children’s home she opened in Nepal houses 40 orphans and provides 260 other kids with free education, medical care and a daily nutritious meal.
*Glamour Readers’ Choice winner

EDEN FULL, 19: She won a $275,000 grant to produce the SunSaluter solar panel rotator she invented, which makes solar panels 40 percent more efficient than standard panels and could lower the cost of solar power for the developing world.

KATHRYN GRAY, 10: She is the youngest person in history to discover a supernova—one that’s about 240 million light years away from Earth.

GABI GREGG, 25: MTV’s first Twitter jockey, she is the founder of a popular plus–size fashion blog,

BLAIR GRIFFITH, 23: She knows what it’s like to have no place to live; that’s why Miss Colorado USA 2011 raises awareness for homelessness.

ZORA HOWARD, 18: She is New York’s first–ever youth poet laureate and wrote a poem, “Bi–Racial Hair,” that was the inspiration for an Emmy–winning short film.

TALIA LEMAN, 16: She rallied kids around the globe to raise $10 million for Hurricane Katrina victims. Through the nonprofit she created, RandomKid, she has connected 12 million children in 20 different countries to start their own world–saving projects.

NICOLE MULLER, 18: The national Neighbors-4-Neighbors food drive she organized from her Virginia home has collected food for 160,000 hungry people.

CORVIDA RAVEN, 24: This tech blogger founded the sites, cofounded and The Social Geeks podcast, and has been a social media strategist for General Motors.

LIANA ROSENMAN, 20, AND KRISTINA SAFFRAN, 19: They met while being treated for eating disorders and ended up raising more than $130,000 to pay for other girls who can’t afford care.

LAURA RUIZ, 25: With her sisters she started a nonprofit, Immigration Advocacy Matters Inc., to help immigrants in her Queens, New York, community, offering workshops in civics and self–advancement.

Her Little Love Bugs Rescue team has saved dogs and cats from certain death in pounds, in abusive homes and on the streets.
*Glamour Readers’ Choice winner

ARIELLE SCHACTER, 17: Hard of hearing since she was a toddler, she crusades on behalf of youth who are deaf or hard of hearing, for whom she founded an online community, bf4life–hearing.

AMANDA SOBHY, 18: This champion collegiate squash player was the first 16–year–old to take home four world women’s titles.

MARIAH STACKHOUSE, 17: A golf prodigy, she is the youngest–ever winner of the Georgia PGA women’s championship and the only African American to qualify for this year’s U.S. Women’s Open.

These women are truly phenomenal—just think what they’ll accomplish by the time they hit 30!


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