Women of the AWP

The AWP is happy to share our newest collaboration with Gina LeVay!

Women of the AWP is a medium to share the stories, struggles, and lives of this generation’s military widows and AWP members. The importance in bringing these accounts to the forefront is instrumental in healing these women and men, but also in sharing with our soceity the other side of the sacrifices being made for our country.

“Our goal is to create a more extensive and diverse portrait of the country now, one that gives these wars a more human, less statistical, and less political face. We hope that in the future, as the project progresses,  we will bring this work to the public with a traveling exhibition and publication of a book of the portraits and stories.”

To learn more or donate to help us reach the goal of 20 stories by Memorial Day 2011 click HERE or visit the link below.

Source: http://womenofawp.com/

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