True Love

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  1. God Bless you and Thank you is all I can say. I am the mother of an Army Soldier and wish there was so much more that I could do

  2. My husband is currently Active duty I know the fear all to well. Bless you and your amazing husband. I’m very sorry for your loss of him.
    With Love from,
    Marine Corp Base Hawaii

  3. My name is Sandy Kottre, i read your story, how powerful love can be. I’m a Gold Star mom, I lost my son Spc Adam James Patton at the young age of 21 on Memorial Week-end 5/26/11. My heart aches for you, as i can feel your Pain, Adam always told me he joined the Army to “Make this world a better place”. Please now you are NEVER alone, and your husband will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless you and may God hold all of our loved ones in his loving arms.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. My husband was severely injured and I almost lost him. I can’t imagine how you feel but thank you for feeling brave and sharing your story. My BFF is a widow and it helps to read others stories so I can try to understand her feelings. I will pray for you.

  5. this is a hard thing to have ,this has repeated itself for centurys,god bless the brave and the meak..and you all to..hope you may one day be with him,and he will be waiting im sure,life is short,im 50 and it seems like im only 32,,haaa,I wish,keep your head up and be all your going to be,and smile.some body loves you…god bless you and yorn….greg cato,

  6. Nikki, all I can say is I share your pain. I became a military widow on October 28, 2010…somehow you find strenth you never knew you had…you go on, part to make him proud and part because there is little else you can do. Your man sounds amazing! Hold tight to the memmories you 2 made. I too remember the moment they handed me Larry’s flag…you will go on. Don’t let anyone tell you how to grieve or how long. We all are on our own time table. May Gods Angels surround you with much love.
    Mrs. Larry Long

  7. I am an army nurse. I have been downrange as an RN twice. Previously I was in Desert Storm as an interpreter/radio voice interceptor. This story is one I encourage all my fellow soldiers to read and share.

    The young navy corpsmen, air force pararescuemen and army combat medics do so much and seldom get recognized for it. Your Joe was a special man and I hope others will be inspired by him as I have been. Responding to any traumatic injury anywhere demands the ability to think on your feet and act fast. Over and over again the infantrymen and others we send into harm’s way will tell you they do so willingly because they realize men like Joe will be there to help them.

  8. Nikki…no matter where life may take you, Joe will always be there..watching..just to make sure that you are happy. Be happy in everything you do because he would want that..He was one of my friends and everyday before deployment when 1SG asked where Altmann was..all I could say is…I dunno..but we knew..he was with you..which made him happy. We all still keep you and Joe in our thoughts, and neither of you will be forgotten because knowing you two made us happy.

  9. Nikki Lee, this breaks my heart. I know you and your sweet heart, so I can only imagine the kind of guy you picked to be married to as even sweeter. I wish I could have met him to tell him how lucky he was to have someone as great as you. I am proud of the direction you are taking after such an event. I love you, sweet girl.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. Your marriage was very special. I will give my military husband an extra hug tonight after reading your story. God Bless

  11. As always your grace shine thru as it always did. I have the blessing of meeting you at work and then again you and Joe flew on one of my flights. We talked thru the whole flight and you were glowing. I was sure your happiness was because of Joe. Same when I talked to him. You were blessed to have him love you and just know he was blessed too. What true love is.

    God bless you and Joe as I know you will someday reunite in a much more beautiful place than earth.

    Thinking of you and hoping for the best. Congrats on your future degree. Live life fully.

  12. Nikki, I’m proud of you for writing your story. I’m proud of you for going back to school. I lived in Viet-Nam 68-70 & was married to an Air America pilot. When his friend told me my husband Merk had been shot down, I thought he was teasing me–until he broke down crying. Your world stops. Then shatters. You put up the folded flag and soldier on. This past Feb 18, the anniversary of Merk’s death, a friend’s grandson was born. I thought what a wonderful thing–an angel being born to celebrate happiness on that sad day. Joe and Merk died defending our freedom. AWP is doing so much to help young women carry on.

  13. Such a beautiful love story. I lost my husband on Christmas Day 2010. He was a wounded vet, Vietnam. The kids and I took care of him thru his 20+ surgeries and did our best to help him thru PTSD. I feel your pain, and I pray that you continue to hold on to the precious memories. I took my first retreat with AWP last weekend. The woman our amazing and I think you would find it helpful to your soul if you can hook up with one of the many events with AWP. It was a very meaningful experience for me and I hope to go again some day.

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