To my Paul… Forever Young

2 thoughts on “To my Paul… Forever Young

  1. I am right there with you, albeit not physically. For I, too, have love and lost. My husband passed from the health damage of Agent Orange. I cannot help but feel the we were both so cheated.
    Like you, though, I and thankful of what time we were blessed with.
    The wound that you have is to your very core, and it will lessen over time…but you are wise to acknowledge it will never fully heal. Yet in some ways I think this can be a good thing, for it reminds us that WE are still among the living. Our loved ones on the other side of The Veil would not want us to wallow in despair.
    Your particular case has elements of mystery and I encourage you listen to that still small voice deep within you that will know if it wisest to keep going or to finally let go of any investigation.
    In this, too, I share a bond of a sort with you…though, for me it was the theft of my children. Not kidnapping, in that not ransom was ever asked for. But that is a long and difficult part of my history to tell. Too long for this message.
    I will sign off here, hoping that I have let you know that with me, at least, a very true connection was made. Also, if you can reach no one else, write to me via my email. We can talk of all manner of things; things that will help bring you solace, or balance. Or giggles…those are the best!

  2. I cannot imagine the circumstances you have been through, but I did lose my husband in the military and I can relate in that way. He was my Highschool sweetheart too. You are wise beyond your years and have the support of this young widow among so many others. You are not alone. Your positivity is inspiring.

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