The End

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  1. Please know there are people praying for you at this very moment. Please believe that GOD knows your pain and is looking for you to look to himf or guidance in his word. The answers and the peace seek is there to find.

  2. Reading your process of grief reminded me of everything I have been going through. It not easy, but you did the right thing by talking to a counselor. I was also in shock and in denial for almost 2 years after my husband was killed in action in Afghanistan. I isolated myself for a very long time because facing reality would be more painful and I also felt like I was alone in my pain and that nobody would understand me. My first attempt to talk to a counselor was after my 2 year mark when I knew I needed help. Unfortunately, I didn’t connect with the person I was assigned to by the military or maybe it wan’t my time. I had known about this organization a few months after my husband passed away, but I never had called in to any of their events until after going to counseling. I was lucky enough to be chosen for one of their events and that was my first initial contact with another military widow. I remember thinking to myself why didn’t I signed up for this along time ago, but everyone grief’s differently and maybe I just wasn’t ready for it. It’s now been almost 5 years since my husband passed away and I had to hit rock bottom in order for me to realize that I really needed to talk to a professional (again), but this time around I was ready to listen to what they had to say and I was willing to share my story. Every day is a battle, but I feel like we are here for a purpose. Allow yourself the opportunity to live again. I know it’s easier said than done, but life does go on. If you haven’t done so, I would recommend for you to attend one of the retreats offer by the AWP. You won’t regret it. I hope my story helps you in some way. God bless.

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