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  1. Hi I am jakes friend from Columbus Ohio and I knew jake well I am 14 now And I never knew he’s name but when he died I learned it was Jacob so I was thinking of him yesterday in school and I typed in “Jacob us marines columbus Ohio and for some reason I just clicked on his name but Amy I want to tell you there is a god because I went through a period were I was involved in gangs and I was almost killed if it wasn’t for jake and The Lord them selfs I’d be dead something else I want to say is jake called me his little brother and I didn’t know it and this year he hit me hard and I realized it and now I know what a brother is now that he’s gone but also I know he’s looking done on me,all his friends, his lovely wife you and his great son Amy if you read this please try In contact me my email is dallaswetherell@live.com I would like to talk to you and many one day meet you because jake would like for that somehow I just know this… God bless you Amy and god bless you jax and jax you have a very nice name… Thanks and goodbye… Ps I won’t to be a marine for my brother jake SEMPER FI

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