From the Widow of A Soldier

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, I am the proud widow if SSGT Joseph J Altmann US Army. He was killed 10 days after his birthday, 2 months before he too was scheduled to return home,from Afghanistan…. I pray your faith too gives you the strength. I know for me my faith is the only thing keeps me going. Take care! And thank you for the amazing poem

    1. Me too. He’s in a better place. it’s your belief in the Almighty that’ll see you through as he has for me.

  2. Beautiful poem. As I celebrate my husband’s birthday without him, your poem’s last line, “till death do us part” brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your huge sacrifice.

  3. “But for me it’s a little different…This was a huge price to pay.
    Although this could be considered a horrible situation.
    I can easily find the good because of my Biblical Foundation.
    And one thing I can Always hold Dear to My Heart,
    Is The Fact that “WE DID IT BOO….TIL DEATH DO US PART””

    May God bless you and hold you near today and always… Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. My husband and I did not get the opportunity to have kids together but I now work for a foundation that supports kids and as I talk to many fellow widows that have children I think of how much you (as a single parent) have to pick up the pieces and carry on. I was allowed to be selfish because no one depended on me…but at the beginning and end of my day…there He was…The Lord, God and each day he gave me enough to get through…and I thank Him for that and am always so touched to hear of another testimony while continuing to pray for all the ones that feel so lost…so without hope…with nothing to cling to… Thank you for sharing your testimony through this beautiful poem.

    “And Thank God for the Gift of You, our Children and the Honor of wearing Your Ring.”
    May God grant you blessings and give you beauty for ashes…

    In Christ love,
    Tabitha Bonilla
    Proud daughter of SFC Henry Bacon, RIP, Iraq 02-20-04
    Proud wife of CPT Orlando Bonilla, RIP, Iraq 01-28-05

    1. Tabatha… Let me first thank you for your sacrifice and give my condolences. No one knows better than “us” the feelings of such a loss. No matter how much time passes the void and gap never closes but is just made a tad bit easier to cope with. I appreciate your message and pray that you will continue to heal and God will continue to bless you with strength and the ability to carry out HIS will. Much love… RMJ

  4. Thank you so much Randa for sharing this beautifully written poem with us. I love how you ended the poem; “WE DID IT BOO…TIL DEATH DO US PART.” Hope you will keep writing. Blessings to you, <3 ((((hugs))))

    1. Glenda, thanks for your kind words. It is truly appreciated. My husband came from a home where his parents had been married for more than forty years and so that was very important to him. He would always make it a point to remind me that we were in it forever whenever he told me how much he loved me…

  5. It’ll be just 6 months on Friday. My “Soldier” fought Parkinson’s for over 11 years but 35 years after he was exposed to Agent Orange that was used for testing purposes where he had Basic. Filing for Survivor’s VA Benefits should be done as quickly as possible because they are really understaffed @ any VAROIC.
    Thank you for his sacrifice and service. That was a marvelous poem! God Bless You and Yours Always.

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