Didn’t think I belonged..

2 thoughts on “Didn’t think I belonged..

  1. I’m sorry to say that you do belong.I’m sorry to say it because to say you belong means you have lost someone you love, someone important to you, someone closer than close, your military Hero.

  2. Mary,

    At first I saw your husband’s picture and thought, Of course, “men” belong in AWP. [Maybe as an auxillary?!] Then I read your story. I’m sorry sorry for your loss, for you and for your boys. I lived in Viet-Nam 68-70 & was married to an Air America pilot Jon Merkel [former Capt AF] who was KIA flying in Laos 18 Feb 70. I returned to Dallas a widow w/ PTSD, age 26. I retired from 38 yr teaching Eng to 6th-7th girls at 100 yr old school Hockaday in Dallas. I volunteer at the VA Hosp teaching computers lol and creative writing. As a nurse, you know it gets easier; however, at Maya Lin invisioned–the scar remains but in the dark reflection of the VN Wall you can see life. I know your boys keep you going, as my 13 yr old Dixie Dog [a Lab] & my 34 yr old niece [who lost her mom at 52, Hep C, & bio father at 70]. I hope you have sunshine in your world today and take time to smell the roses [or honeysuckle.] The AWP is doing such good work. Enjoy the journey…on the “write” track. xox kmb

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