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  1. Crisanta, your story moved me because you mentioned letters, and you see my former marine became a postal letter carrier, like you we married young and he could of died in the war, but I was spared that during vietnam, only to come back and have him be subjected to fiscal policy that eventually got him, within his last year of working, and as I read your story I kept thinking their love would not have come together except by letters. Your love died by accident , for which I deeply sorrow for you, I wish it was an accident that I could deal with or even a health issue, instead of what really happened to him , a massive heart attack due to being pushed in his job by retirment money that he had worked so hard for, most of his life to get, only to have it taken away anyway, that is what I can not recouncil and yet your story helped in a way, to know he a formre marine helped unite 2 ever so briefly, My Marine met yours at the gate, semper fi fellow marine widow.

  2. Crisanta;
    Although I got more years with my husband, Will, also my soul mate and best friend, your story resonates with me. My husband was killed at work when an arc of 30,000 volts from a high voltage transformer he had been assigned to service hit him in the face and killed him instantly. The days roll on, even three years later, and I still yearn to be with my departed husband, but somehow managed to produce my memoir since he died. I am strong, but wish I weren’t. I can feel your pain. I’m glad you have connected with this group – together you will be strong and live for as long as you are supposed to. It’s not easy and we never forget the day they died nor them and all the memories we make together. If it weren’t for the ‘signals’ from the Other Side – I’m not sure I’d be here. Like you the final days before death, my husband and I seemed to be experience nothing but perfectness, a second honeymoon we said. Sounds like you had that too. I’m glad Cody comes to you and reveals his presence. He will be with you for eternity, both here and there, once you join him. Blessings! ~Margaret

  3. Crisanta,

    You are the first 19 year old widow I’ve known of since my soldier passed away. I was 19 too and every person I met before connecting with the AWP told me I had to be grateful I was so young because I would be able to put my life together in no time. I AM grateful but because I’ve finally found people who understand exactly what I feel..It’s been 3 years and I think about Mario every single day, hour, minute of my new life. The day I buried my first and everlasting love I buried all of my best memories, my most cherished moments. But with the guidance of God and the most amazing family in the world, I have realized many things; one being that I changed Mario’s life in a way that nobody else could just as he changed mine. In the 8 short months that I had the honor of being his wife I realized that it was God’s plan for us to be a part of each other before he left this world. When I married him I made a commitment to be his other half even after death’s attempt to do us part. Regardless of the short time your marriage lasted with Cody, he chose you to share his life with for all the best reasons in the world and no one will ever be as close to him as you were and forever will be.


  4. Christina, I lost my Vietnam Vet to cancer Jan. 2, 2012 @ 3:30 am after 15 years of marriage. He had been the only safe place in my life. He fought to live for nine months while I cared for him. I am left with a fragmented mind. During those months as I watched him die a little more each day I kept up a false pretense that I was okay while I was living a nightmare inside-it tore me in two and I have not been able to bring the pieces of myself back together. The night he passed he woke me up once and he could not speak but had the biggest smile I had ever seen on him as he looked at me. I gave him his medication and he went back to sleep. The next time he woke me he was fighting for air next to me. I got up and went to his side of the bed pulling him into my arms. I rocked him back and forth as he was passing. When it was over I saw it was 3:30 am. I cried on his chest till there were no tears left. I got back in bed with him and slept next to him one last time. At 9:30 in the morning I woke to find that angels had kept him warm. I relive this every night. God, help me. Our men are with us always. Lynda

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