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Built to house ideas, stories, and advice, we have compiled a multitude of resources to help with the lifetime of struggles that come along with being a military widow.

Our Film

The 75 minute documentary gives a candid look into the stories, struggles and perseverance of 6 military widows. Everything is covered from meeting the love of their life to the knock on the door, life as a single parent, and decorating a headstone. The film is being distributed FREE of charge to all military widows and widowers as a key to the healing process.
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Our Newsletter

Compiled and created by other widows, the newsletters range in content and keep the widows up to date on all our happenings.
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Our Hotline

No counselors will be answering the calls, just widows who are going through the same trials and tribulations.
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A series of scholarship-based courses and related resources provides military widows with the tools, empowerment and education for the next steps on their journey.
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Our Events

We do not hold seminars or have speakers, we have each other. The widows come together to enjoy life the way they did when their spouse was still alive. From surfing to ziplining, we are here to enjoy each others company and share some of our fondest memories.
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