We’ve provided answers to our most-asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please contact us.

Who is the American Widow Project (AWP) for?

The AWP is for all military widows and widowers. As long as your spouse served at one point during their lifetime, you are welcome! Combat, non-combat, suicide, Army, Air Force...All branches, all wars/conflicts....we're all inclusive.

What are your AWP Homecomings?

Our Homecomings are 4-5 day, in-person events centered around connecting you with other military widows from all across the U.S., self-reflection, empowerment and service. It's a time to try new things, give back, share stories and bond.

What is WidowU?

WidowU provides tangible tools and education to all military widows, integrating peer to peer support, hands-on training, and an academic approach to support all those who have lost a loved one serving in our Nation’s Military. WidowU focuses on 3 main areas of their life that they may struggle with after their hero’s passing:

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Pursuing One's Passion
  • Health and Fitness

They are held throughout the year and take place over the weekends (Friday-Monday).

How much does it cost to participate?

All of our programs are offered for little to no charge! Accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, food and activities are all included. We are unable to offer airfare to and from the locations we hold our events, but we hold them all over the U.S.. If there is a fee indicated in one of the programs you choose to participate in, it's to cover a small fraction of the costs associated to hold an event of its magnitude and also as a way to offer good-faith for the spot you have secured.

How many people attend each event?

At the AWP we pride ourselves on creating unique, personalized and personal programs where healing, empowerment and education come first. We want to ensure you do not get lost in the crowd or ever feel left out or overwhelmed. For that reason, our events are usually limited to 4-8 participants.

How many times can I attend an AWP program?

Our events fill up fast! 30 seconds to be specific! Because of such a demand, we allot a specific number to "first-timers" and a smaller number of spots to "Returning AWPers". We ask that you attend a retreat a max of once every 18 months....this allows those who have never had the chance to attend the ability to do so.

How is the AWP funded?

We're a grassroots organization that was actually started with the life insurance of our founder's spouse that was killed in Iraq. From there, we've been kept going with donations from individuals, small grants and awards. Each dollar counts and makes a huge impact. If you're interested in donating, click here.