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    "Until the Minute…"

    I never thought in January of 2013 I would be where I am today. Its hard to know where to begin, but I guess how we met is a good place!… Continue Reading

    In January of 2013, after a 2 year long abusive relationship, I finally left my ex and wanted to surround myself with new friends so I jumped online and started to look for people around to be just friends with. I soon came across Rob’s profile. He had just learned he would so be stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. I thought he seemed pretty interesting and would have good stories to tell since he was coming from Korea. So I decided to message him and see what he was all about. On February 1, he finally arrived to texas. We gave him a few days to get settled into his new barracks and unit before meeting. We finally got to meet in person on Feb 6. It was honestly
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